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Asleep at the Wheel, Bismeaux Records, Bismeaux Productions and
Bismeaux Studio are all part of Cramden Coach Corporation. We are an
Austin-based small business that specializes in the performance and
production of music and voice, serving a wide variety of clients

Mailing Address:
PO Box 463
Austin, TX 78767
(512) 444-9885 (main)
(512) 444-4699 (fax)


Record Label:
Bismeaux Records, Peter Schwarz, PO Box 463
Austin, TX 78767, Bismeaux[at]

PatchworkPR, Patch Canada, patchworkpr[at],
(703) 727-4439


Missi Callazzo,
(212) 741-8861

Digital Distribution:

PromoNet: Email
(415) 777-IODA

Asleep at the Wheel Booking: